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St Kilda (Holdings) Ltd and its trading divisions of. Gaelic Themes , R.G Hardie & Co, St Kilda Publications operate form 2 large factories in Glasgow totalling 17500 sq feet.

The Broad Street facility is 100% tailoring –making kilts of all types, jackets , plaids, trews, ladieswear, sashs, pipebags, uniforms and bespoke tailoring of all types.

The Grovepark St facility produces bagpipes (www.rghardie.com) pewterware of all types, sporrans and much more (www.gaelicthemes.net)

Tartan designer is one of a suite of programs which can be accessed individually or via www.clancentral.com

This gives access to Clanfinder-- -- the largest database in the world and based on the ‘The Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopaedia’ which is published by St Kilda (Holdings) Ltd

Tartan Search is a unique tartan databse

Map of Scotland with clan territories. This is also linked to Clanfinder

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